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Elementor, initially a design tool for WordPress users, quickly became a brand transforming users into specialists, leveraging their professional future. Discover Elementor’s branding journey, from core to implementation.

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Team8’s success as a leading VC syndicate in cybersecurity arrived quickly. The goal of expansion through duplication of the model to other domains posed a unique positioning challenge. This is how we took it on…

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The generational passing of the conducting baton called for a brand refresh that also speaks to new and contemporary audiences. We partnered with members of the orchestra to convey the classic brand experience in unprecedented ways.

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Kaltura’s cutting-edge innovation was held back by the inability to attach emotional value to its novel product value. Our journey to reformulate the brand narrative with our own set of innovative tools completely changed the picture.

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In today’s customer-centric business environment, the journey to define the bank’s role in its customers’ lives demanded bold decisions that revolutionized not just the communication language but the entire business conduct.

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Open came up with branding as well as a visual language which express the team’s values and generate distinctive differentiation from competitors. Open also succeeded in building flexible brand architecture which gives us the freedom to evolve and expand into other domains.

Liran Grinberg
Co-founder and Managing Partner of Team8 

A meaningful process that led to a deep rethinking of life from 
feature to future

Yoni Luksenberg
CEO & Co-Founder at Elementor

The profound understanding of the customers’ needs and cracking the code of the exact positioning for the bank led to a ground-breaking process and product

Asaf Azulay
Bank Hapoalim's VP of Marketing

The most exciting thing about OPEN is that from day one they communicated each step in the process, every challenge, each hardship. OPEN partnered with me then and now with the same support level one would receive from their lifelong family, after just one year of acquaintance.

Heli Maman
Founder and MD

OPEN created a clear, consistent, and differentiated brand language for Prigat that has served the brand for over a decade and is annually updated and innovated.

Orit Ezra
Prigat's VP of Marketing
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