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If you see yourself coming into work each morning to a perpetual playground, a place where you can play, learn, inspire, and create, with other like-minded people who believe boundaries were meant to be broken…then, yes, we should definitely meet.

What we offer the people who work with us


The people, the colorfulness, the versatility, the free-spirited atmosphere, the talent, the constant interest level, they all keep our fire burning and the electric vibe in the air.


Being a part of the game-changing strategies of Israel’s leading brands and international brands. That’s satisfaction to the max.


Being surrounded by talented people, the kind you want to meet after work, to hang out with in the same OPEN space, to create, learn and grow together. What more can you ask for?


Beating challenges, inspiring others and being inspired. Attaining a better understanding of the trade, the world, yourself. Growing professionally as an individual and as a team.

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What we ask of the people who work with us

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Explosive Questions

Some things you may want to know before deciding whether joining us is a good fit. Or at least before we meet:

  • Why do people say you are not a standard advertising firm?

    Really? Is that what people are saying? Then the answer is that it all starts and ends with people. And the people who work with us are wondrous, each and every one of them. Professional, devoted talents who are above all else real, down-to-earth people. It also has to do with the fact we’re allergic to bullshit, to paradigms and to labels. And most importantly, we never try to be something we’re not.

  • We hear you’re one of the funnest offices to work in. Is that true?

    Please…continue! We really don’t want to start blushing here. But to answer your question: work here is certainly demanding. It requires us to bring our A-game, every day. The freshest. The sharpest. So why not enjoy the process? We will Zumba in the lobby, hear interesting lectures, nosh on some yummy snacks, goof around. Life is too short to be overly serious.

  • Do the people that work here have a life?

    We certainly do! Most of us even like them. Some of us have kids, partners, a dog, an iguana, family, friends, hobbies, different types of addictions (won’t go there now), shows to finish watching on Netflix, shows to start watching on Netflix, shrink appointments, mani-pedi appointments…well, you get it. Bottom line: we work to live, not the other way around.

  • Is it true that the people at OPEN need to check in their ego at the door?

    Totally true. And…yes, we know. It’s a world of creative, passionate, incredibly talented people. But we realized that it only works if we all row the same kayak in sync toward the same goal. So, each one of us brings their own knowledge, talent, and discipline, but our hearts remain. open.

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