Zoomd, previously Moblin, is the story of a merger of two distinct Ad Tech technologies into one brand. Each company had initially developed and mastered its field of expertise: app content monetization and superior search capabilities. Both companies had in fact focused on the same target audience: publishers and advertisers. During the strategizing process we identified the synergistic value of leveraging both companies’ combined capabilities to maximize the product offering to their customers. Zoomd’s unified search and mobile app user acquisition platform delivers the best of both worlds to publishers and advertisers, increasing engagement, retention and monetization, while giving advertisers the reach they need to generate cost-effective user acquisition. The brand essence we created, “Know More. Do More.”, reflects this synergy. We had also decided to keep the name Zoomd to represent the added value solution provided through merging these two scopes of activity.

The brand concept is showcased in the website we had created for Zoomd, with visitors to the website attaining additional information about Zoomd and its activities through a surfing experience which simulates a zooming-in action.

The brand concept included, among other things, the development of a specific branding language for Zoomd which humanizes and simplifies the brand’s story for its target audience. The brand language highlights the natural synergy between the two areas of activity while also differentiating between them through two distinct color palettes.