EL AL, the leading and preferred brand in the Israeli aviation market, has in recent years been up against aggressive competition from low cost airlines which have penetrated the local market. The challenge was to launch a low cost brand for El AL, one which would set it apart from the competition, but without compromising the well-known and much-loved existing brand. Positioned as cheap flights from a good home, a new and independent brand was established. Named ‘UP’, it corresponds to the meaning of the name EL AL, and conveys an autonomous and refreshing energy.

The brand language is based on the same familiar language used by low cost brands, while maintaining its connection to EL AL. Light blue was chosen as a primary color and the cloud shape serves as a central branding tool.

up logo

The design is displayed both on the outside and inside of the aircraft, in order to create a complete flight experience that is unique and distinct.

A comprehensive selection of icons was designed in order to symbolize the entire range of in-flight services.