Tuborg is one of the leading and most popular beer brands in the world, and yet has been unable to establish a unique and consistent identity in Israel. In response to the popularity of amber beers in Israel, in particular the leading local brand Goldstar, Tuborg developed a product exclusively for the Israeli market, with a rich taste that sets it apart from its competitors. A brand story, infographic and visual language were developed and implemented across all packaging and ongoing marketing activities. The brand position “Rich Taste for the Experienced” reflects the exceptional formula, unique taste, rich aroma and deep red color; and the young target demographic (aged 24+) that prefers a richer, more sophisticated beer. The international nature of the brand was also emphasized to position it higher in the market segment, and set it apart from Goldstar.

The infographic language creates a unique and memorable brand story through icons combining different fonts. The color palette used is based on shades of deep red and Bordeaux, emphasizing the beer’s unique rich flavor, and its positioning as a dark amber beer. The brand’s slanting emblem was also used to differentiate it from other local beers.

tuborg info
tuborg blue bottel

In the run up to Israel’s Independence Day, Tuborg launched a limited edition beer sold in blue bottles, with 6.8% alcohol, to celebrate the country’s 68th birthday. Due to its success, it was decided to launch an annual edition with increasing alcohol levels every year.

tuborg package

In summer 2016, a new Rich Taste Tour campaign was launched, in cooperation with Israeli-American puppet band - ‘Red-Band’. The campaign revealed the ingredients of Tuborg’s Rich Taste, and further strengthened the brand’s positioning.