TNX, formerly known as Erkuti, is a network of sales points of value-driven quality gifts, which employs individuals that are mentally challenged. TNX is an enterprise of the Shekulo Tov Group, an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for people with mental challenges through the development of vocational rehabilitation, supported employment and leisure and recreation psychiatric services within the community. These services assist individuals with mental challenges to realize their potential and become self-sufficient while decreasing the stigma associated with mental illness and promoting their social inclusion in mainstream society. We collaborated with TNX to convert its image from that of an charity within a social organization to that of a chain offering quality gifts as well as to build an authentic, cohesive brand story to clearly communicate TNX’s essence and assist in turning it into a desirable gift-shopping go-to destination.

The positioning conceived for TNX, small gifts with high added value, assists in clearly identifying the products sold by TNX as hand-made products created by individuals dealing with mental challenges and employed by Shekulo Tov Group’s various enterprises. One of TNX’s most significant attributes is the otherwise unlikely bond it creates between different groups such as the mainstream and stigmatized, social organizations and commerce, business and rehabilitation, quality gifts and reasonable pricing as well as hand-made items and genuine people. It was therefore only natural to define the brand essence as “unexpected connections” which authentically reflects the chain’s work.

The brand concept Open developed for TNX stems from the brand essence and is expressed through products created by individuals with mental challenges in unique workshops we held with them. During these workshops, the participants were asked to express how working at TNX made them feel through color and form. Every creation was then translated to an energy of shapes, colors and general composition. The results yielded surprising shapes and combinations which could only have been achieved through this process. We made the design decision to keep the color palette unrestricted so that the product range would reflect happiness, fun and creativity.