The Pitch

THE PITCH is the only startup competition in Israel that focuses on perfecting the participants’ sales pitch. The process preceding the competition entails several weeks of the participants undergoing master classes, workshops and one on one mentoring sessions with a team of experts and industry leaders dedicated to their success. With the increasing number of local and global startup competitions, it was essential to refresh the brand image of THE PITCH and to showcase its added value to startup companies, many of whom do not grasp the huge advantage of the process and of the competition itself.

The brand essence we created for THE PITCH was “The Perfect Stage for the Perfect Pitch”. This embodies THE PITCH competition’s added value as well as EY Israel’s uncompromising quality. We comprised a brand story which generates a prestigious, energetic aura around the competition to reflect the differentiation of THE PITCH from its competitors.

The brand concept developed for THE PITCH focused on expressing its professionalism and innovation while maintaining the energetic spirit of the competition and showmanship. Yellow was selected as the dominant color to tie back to the EY Israel brand. We added in dark gray and black to convey the drama, excitement and glitz surrounding the competition. At the typography level, we selected narrow, elongated fonts associated with the world of competitive sports, as well as diagonal typography with a touch of penmanship to amplify the competitive vibe.