The Kitchen is the first FoodTech incubator in Israel, established by Strauss and backed by Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist. With the aim of turning early stage FoodTech startups into breakthrough companies that create real value in the global food industry, the incubator adopts companies at seed phase and serves as their ‘habitat’. Accordingly, the incubator has been positioned as an industry ‘hub’ and named ‘The Kitchen’ - a name that faithfully describes the role of the incubator as a home and meeting place that is inviting and familial, while at the same time providing the space to try and experiment with new and creative things.

the kitchen logo3

The branding process included formulating a brand strategy and language to be used throughout the physical premises, on the website, and in its corporate identity.

In accordance with the brand architecture, an independent brand language was developed for the incubator, conveying creativity and innovation, alongside graphic elements and colors that were used to create a strong brand affinity and association with the Strauss brand. The graphic language draws inspiration from the world of exact science, such as mathematical formulae, as well as handwriting, to correspond with/ call to mind hand-written household recipes.

the kitchen icons