Team8 was founded in 2015 by former leaders of Israel’s technology and intelligence Unit 8200 who bring unparalleled expertise in cybersecurity, data, and fintech. Team8 both invests in existing companies and partners with entrepreneurs to build new companies from the ground up, operating as an investment and cybersecurity solution syndicate developing technologies for large enterprises in need of large-scale solutions. Through its groundbreaking business model and community of over 100 of the most influential C-level executives in the world, Team8 quickly achieved its goal. Open joined Team8 as it set out to achieve its next goal – the evolution from the world of cybersecurity to additional domains by replicating its successful model. Open’s challenge was the positioning of Team8 not only as a brand that is present in all VC worlds but in fact as a brand that actively redefines the essence of the capital venture.

In the strategy workshop Open had put together for Team8, we identified the essence of the brand: Rethink Venture. The new brand promise is applicable to any domain Team8 chooses to take on in the future.

Open succeeded in creating a brand promise which positions Team8 as a new type of venture capital. The promise fine-tunes the essence of the brand while remaining open to interpretation and ensuring flexibility for Team8 to evolve from the world of cybersecurity in the future to additional diverse domains. Open adjusted the Team8 logo, the infinity symbol, to support the new brand promise. The added versatility to the brand personality was expressed via flexible brand language which linked the super brand – venture capital – to its versatile sub-brands within the Team8 portfolio.