ReigNN is an ad technology company that enables publishers to take control of their data, site safety and user experience. Reignn possesses a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of the advertising industry, which enables Reignn to maintain the highest standards of care for their customers.  Based on the user-experience market analysis as well as interviews with Reignn employees, it became clear that the need for control is the central concept which reflects the main challenge and crucial need in the market and also reflects Reignn’s core added value.

The company’s new name, Reignn, was chosen based on this insight, to reflect the control which Reignn provides its publishers over their data, site safety and user experience.

We created a brand language to support the concept starting with the logo which is inspired by royalty, with clean photographic language which combines the digital world and the physical work environment, and the website design and user experience and interface