Prigat is one of the oldest and most enduring Israeli drinks brands. In recent years, as a result of increasing health trends, competition within this market segment has intensified, and demands for water and other healthier beverages has increased. At the same time, the differentiation between the company and other competitor brands in the fruit juice segment that choose to focus on healthier alternatives, has faded. Under the positioning Israeli nature, the new Prigat brand leverages its core values - ‘natural’, ‘rooted’, ‘caring’ and ‘together’ - to help establish the connection between the brand, nature and the Israeli character, in a contemporary and accessible way.

Prigat’s historic logo was updated, while maintaining its recognizable colors, which convey nature and refreshment. The designated font has a round, contemporary and inviting design and is intended to convey a feeling of warmth. The inspiration for the brand concept comes from the quintessential Israeli setting of fruits and nature - the marketplace. Based on this concept, the language developed integrates real fruit with writing on a chalkboard, similar to those used in markets. The language is lighthearted, direct and humorous.

prigat logo
prigat orange