Personetics is a start-up company that provides innovative technology to the banking industry, in the area of customer service. Their technology presents alerts, actionable insights and tips that are personalized to each client’s needs, at any given moment, based on an analysis of their financial transactions. The information provided enables more informed daily decision making, thus increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The central insight underlying the brand strategy is the personal approach supported by the technology, which has become Personetics’ differentiating factor. Based on this understanding, we created the brand promise: Taking Digital Banking Personal.

The brand name, which reflects the connection between the personal and analytical aspects of the company’s solution, was the basis for the creation of a logo composed of two types of font, one of them handwritten.

personetics logo new

The photographic language is characterized by close-up images of the variety of end customers, expressing their needs and point of view.

The color yellow was chosen as a primary brand color and functions as a highlighter, reflecting how the solution sheds light on customers’ account activity and data.

personetics site open web
personetics app screens