Pangolin, previously Nuro, is a startup that has developed a solution for a basic business need, secure organizational communication, to provide more secure day-to-day business conduct. The platform provides an upgraded alternative for insecure platforms such as whatsapp, which can easily be hacked, and enables a range of uses such as internal and external organizational communication, task and process sharing and collaboration, and data management within a controlled secured business environment.

The brand concept we developed is based on none other than the original pangolin, the extraordinary creature bearing an impressive unique armor, as an analogy to the security which the Pangolin platform provides for businesses even at the most basic daily task level.

The new logo includes the pangolin symbol, with the vibrant blue color palette of the brand accentuating its respectable professional image. We developed a toolbox which will boost Pangolin’s appeal to potential investors, including redesigning various screens in the organizational application as well as designing a presentation for investors.