Paneco is an online alcohol store selling popular brands of spirits, such as vodka and whisky. It provides customers with incredible value and quality service at an accessible price, and this is what sets it apart from the competition. The branding process included a strategy and brand language which have served as the basis of its launch campaign and ongoing marketing communications.

Positioned as premium experience at a great price, and backed by the slogan high-quality alcohol to your doorstep, the brand concept and language developed speak of an ‘exclusive club’ that provides its members with choice alcohol brands at competitive prices. The advertising language covers sponsorship campaigns as well as a digital campaign. At its core is the concept of the various alcoholic brands ‘on wheels’, demonstrating that this is a fast, efficient, door-to-door service.

The language accompanying the brand is simple and minimalistic, conveying a feeling of ‘premium for everyone’ with the self-confidence of a market leader.