In recent years, the dairy category has been facing a decline in demand, due to new trends and significant changes in our food consumption habits and preferences. At the forefront of these trends is the desire to eat better, healthier food. For some, this is reflected in more functional approaches and needs (such as vegetarianism, veganism, lactose sensitivity, etc.). While the category of dairy substitutes is constantly growing, most of the products and brands that operate in this space still contain harmful ingredients and additives that are bad for us. Into this category we launched ONLY, a probiotic dairy-free yogurt containing nothing but the best ingredients (oatmeal, coconut and cereal mixture). ONLY is also the first brand in the category with a clean label (no added flavors and stabilizers), making it the first product in this category whose production process is actually better for the environment - All of the ingredients enter the cup and zero waste is created in the process.

The brand strategy we defined for ONLY is based on its two distinct advantages: the clean label and the 'no waste' production process. In fact, we realized that we are not just "joining" a growing trend of milk substitutes, but bringing a new value to our audience, using the best ingredients and a simple, green production process. In light of this, we defined our positioning as "the good food”, which places us in our own territory, with a well-defined essence for the brand: “So simple, so good”.

The name ONLY represents the fact that we choose what to put in the cup (only good things). The brand concept reflects the brands’ values, which include simplicity, transparency, great taste and being closest to nature.