An international manufacturer of floor and cleaning cloths, Ofertex is a veteran and leader in its field, specializing in the manufacture of non-woven material, made of recycled textiles and scrap material. The decision to embark on a rebranding process was the result of a plan to expand the company’s areas of operation into a range of categories beyond cleaning, as well as to introduce microfiber-based production lines to the existing range.

The company’s unique creativity, which combines various techniques in textile manufacturing and various different textiles, serves as the basis for the brand essence Textile Recreation - an essence which reflects the renewed creative process in which textile scraps and other raw material become new, surprising products, and the experience embodied in the company’s colorful, innovative products.

Since the brand is designed to serve the company’s development and its entry into new areas of operation, the brand solution also included an order and method for managing its portfolios, in the form of three sub-brands for the different product categories: Ofertex cleaning (cleaning products), Ofertex Living (home textile products) and Ofertex Industrial (products for the industrial sector). The move included the creation of a corporate identity for the company, a redesign of the product packaging, and design of a product catalog, website and other marketing elements.