Mojo is Israel’s first optical store for children and adolescents, specializing in creating a positive, trendy experience. Mojo identified the negative feelings that young people have about wearing glasses, and developed a unique experience that transforms glasses from being a medical accessory, to being a fashion accessory that reflects the child’s uniqueness and makes them feel proud to wear them. To match this concept, a positive, fun brand strategy and language were created, focusing on the child, and showing that glasses can be a trendy expression of their unique character.

The name Mojo reflects charm and luck in life, and is light, memorable and fun, just like the unique experience offered by the store.

logo gif1 mojo

The brand promise Glasses Are You expresses a brand philosophy that focuses on children and teens, and considers glasses to be a means of self-expression, empowerment and personal pride. The creative language is fun and light, speaking to children and their parents through soft, diverse colors, shapes and a free typography, as well as clean, smiling iconic language.