Meet is a not-for-profit educational organization, which combines leadership, technology and entrepreneurship to bring together outstanding Israeli and Palestinian high school students. Working in cooperation with the Hebrew University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the ZELL Entrepreneurship Program of IDC Herzliya, the Meet program uses technology studies as a tool for bringing about a positive change in the status quo between these two peoples. As Meet approached its 10-year anniversary, they decided it was time to create a new brand and a fresh, updated language that truly reflects the brand’s essence and vision.

The logo represents this ‘meeting’ concept, featuring the ee’s facing toward each other. This concept is also echoed in the brand language, whichemphasizes words that contain "ee" using the same technique. In addition, the name of the organization acts as a central verb in the brand language, highlighting its proactive approach. Through leadership education and creative problem solving, Meet empowers social entrepreneurs to lead projects that create positive change in the Israeli-Palestinian arena. This core purpose inspired the definition ‘Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow’, which matches the organizations’ initials. The brand slogan Innovation Makes a Difference was created to reflect the differentiation and unique approach of Meet and its desire for change.

meet logo