Retail chain store MaxStock placed fair and accessible pricing at the heart of its identity, promising no confusing prices or unnecessary surprises. In recent years, the chain has experienced fast growth and faced much competition in its market, making the term ‘stock’ common and non-distinctive. These changes gave rise to the need to create a clear and unique brand identity, which would set the chain apart from its competitors, and help to define the unique experience it provides its customers.

Within the brand framework, it was decided to remove the word ’stock’ from the brand name, leaving only Max and creating a more streamlined identity that is memorable and unique in its segment. In accordance with the fun spirit of the brand, the logo was revamped. Each letter was designed with a different thickness, but with a subtleness and sophistication. The chosen color scheme maintained the original brand colors - yellow and red - with an emphasis on a minimalistic, subtle design.

The brand essence and slogan - it’s fun to buy here - describe the unique and genuine experience of the chain – a warm atmosphere and fun experience that are reflected in the rich, colorful variety of products on offer, and the good value and fair prices. The new brand language is unified, clear, recognizable and easy to work with. It was implemented gradually throughout the chain’s stores - beginning with shelves, sales-related communications, signage at points of sale, uniforms, and ultimately bags and additional elements.