Lotus is a unique, addictive caramel-flavored biscuit brand from Belgium. In addition to the cookies, the brand markets sweet spreads with the same caramel flavor. In the leadup to the festival of Shavuot, we identified an opportunity to increase its use and turn Lotus products into a popular ingredient for preparing tasty desserts. The concept – the flavor of Lotus is so addictive and so loved, that even if you are completely clueless in the kitchen and have never made dessert in your life, with Lotus your dessert is guaranteed to turn out great.

How did we do this? To prove that no matter what you do with Lotus you will end up with an amazing dessert, we launched the Lotus dessert challenge. We looked online for people who have never set foot inside the kitchen (unsurprisingly, we found many), and surprised them in their own home environment, challenging them to prepare a dessert with Lotus cookies. We filmed the challenges and turned them into amusing clips that we published online. The results were extremely tasty – as a result of the campaign, the conversation around Lotus in the world of baking and desserts increased, and the brand broke sales records in terms of its market share.