Lord of the Board is a social gaming application based on head-to-head games that take place in real time. The game is different from others in its category in its understanding of the true motivation that drives players - their competitive nature and desire to win. This insight, which served as the inspiration for the game’s name, is expressed through the variety of tournaments and player rankings offered (player versus friends, residents of his/her country, region and others). The first game launched in the series is backgammon.

The brand language was developed in the spirit of the world of American sports competition, such as boxing and the NBA league, and expresses the aspiration of the player to win and reach the top of the rankings list. The main brand colors are vivid: gold - suggesting victory - red and black, as reflected in the various elements and especially the logo, which was inspired by the NFL team emblems.

lord of the board banner
trophy bg lord of the board
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