LANDWER – Octoberfest

The winter season, particularly October, is traditionally a quiet period for the café sector. In order to draw people out of their homes and into Landwer branches, we created the Oktoberfest campaign – a marketing move designed to attract people to the cafes to have fun. The underlying premise of the campaign was that Israelis love to party, even if they don’t always have a reason to. The initiative imported the Oktoberfest celebrations from Germany into Landwer branches around Israel although in Israel, people don’t really know what the celebration is all about.

landwear octoberfest placement
landwear oktoberfast posters

A special menu was launched of food typical of the German festival (hot dogs, bagels, etc.) and beer, offered at attractive prices. We branded the branches and waiters’ uniforms specifically in Landwer’s characteristic yellow and black colors. We launched a digital clip that ran online, as well as a radio campaign, managing to fill the chain’s branches with happy, loud partygoers.