For years, the State of Israel suffered from a problematic international image, being framed by the media in the limited context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with little or no coverage about other aspects of the country. Research has shown that most people in the world don’t have any coherent view about Israel, and those who do, see it as a gray, religious place that excludes women, or is simply not a fun place to be. In a joint process with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and English company Acanchi, a new strategy was formulated, aiming to replace the conventional narrative that focuses on the local conflict with a story about creativity and technological innovation, encapsulated in the brand essence: CREATIVE ENERGY.

Knowing that the Israel brand contains problematic and conflicting values led us to the insight that, in order to change global perceptions, the brand itself should be exactly what it is trying to portray about the State - innovative and creative. To this end, a first-of-its-kind digital platform was launched, inviting an international audience to shape their own version of the new logo, and so to experience for themselves a different Israel. The results were spectacular, and the thousands of versions that were submitted, each expressing a unique approach toward Israel, played an integral role in the new language.

The logotype was designed from basic shapes - circles, triangles and squares - placed on a 6x8 grid of 48 squares (commemorating the year in which the State of Israel was established). Each letter in the word "Israel" was designed in 15 different shapes and eight different colors, creating a dynamic typographic system with endless possibilities.

israel posters

The innovation and creativity theme was connected to Israeli authenticity by creating special patterns from Hebrew letters, which proved to be a valuable asset in the positive associations around Israel, even among people who do not read the language.