Graduway is a startup company that helps academic institutions reinforce their relationship and involvement with their graduates. The platform developed by the company allows every institution to create an independent branded network, based on updated information about graduates taken from social networks in which they are active.

The name Graduway was selected to express the role of the brand – accompanying graduates on their professional path after graduation. The brand promise Empowering Alumni Networks, together with the sharper positioning and proposed value of the company, are designed to strengthen the core and differentiating value of the platform compared to other available options in the market.

graduway logo

The visual language is inspired from the world of academia, together with the concept of a path and guidance, and includes a series of icons and graphic symbols used with academic institutions (B2B) on the site, and with various marketing materials.

The interface that was designed for end users (B2C) adopts the visual identity of the academic institution, while incorporating user functionalities and experience with the new professional networks.

graduway new web open format