Founded as an alternative to traditional pharmacy chains, GOODPHARM allows consumers to buy quality products, in the quantities they need, at reasonable prices - no product costs more than 10 NIS. The chainwas founded by serial entrepreneurs and businessmen, Friedler and Sandler and is backed by the Grass family, founders of RITE AID, the 3rd largest pharmacy chain in the USA. The GOODPHARM strategy is to set up branches in central locations, alongside existing pharmacies. The first branch was opened in the busy shopping district of King George Street, in Tel Aviv.

Rather than focus only on the cheap prices, it was positioned as a simple pharmacy with good prices - without pretentious ads, promotions or confusing signage. The name GOODPHARM itself suggests transparency, fairness, quality and simplicity.

good pharm logo

The direct, clean brand language expresses the essence of the chain - ‘straight talking’ - with classic elements from the international world of pharmacy. Yellow was chosen as the primary color to connect the brand to social protest and transmit positivity and warmth - distinguishing characteristics in a market segment perceived as medical and cold.

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