Jerusalem is an international brand- full of conflict that sometimes seems unbridgeable. Different religions, nationalities and languages are just a fraction of the many facets of this remarkable city. The Mekudeshet Festival was founded to bridge these gaps through art and culture. The encounters that take place during the festival, challenge the participant’s minds and hearts and change their perception.

In search of a new concept for the festival’s eighth year, we decided to go on a three-day quest towards the unknown, in the heart of Jerusalem. We met with the people whose daily work dissolves the unspoken borders in Jerusalem. These encounters were the platform for the beginning of a unique and fascinating creative journey.

After our return, we set up a unique workshop for Jerusalem designers from different backgrounds and professional design experience. Together, we created design patterns representing the complex elements of Jerusalem. Scents, sounds, textures, etc., all served as inspiration for the designers- each of whom created their own visual interpretation. These works of art inspired us to create the branding of the 2018 Mekudeshet Festival.