Bank Hapoalim is Israel’s largest bank. However, like all banks, Bank Hapoalim faces an ever-changing environment with fierce competition, educated customers, technological leaps and government regulation. All these challenges, as well as the lack of a consistent, clear branding story across the bank’s diverse activities, made rebranding crucial to highlight Bank Hapoalim’s differentiation, vision and added value within the banking industry.

At the strategic stage of our work we met with hundreds of people affiliated with the bank – customers, employees, advisors and partners, conducted personal interviews, group interviews and visited multiple branches of the bank. We studied the industry from different angles, ran qualitative and quantitative analyses, and evaluated the international banking industry to understand banking trends and the future of global banking.

Bank Hapoalim’s branding assets include it being regarded as a professional leader as well as a bank that supports the financial development of its customers. These assets, combined with the understanding that customers expect financial consultation and direction, led us to conclude should position itself as the customers’ professional partner, supporting their needs and helping them make the best decisions at every critical junction in their lives.

The slogan that was selected to lead the campaign was “Poalim- with you every step of the way” which showcases the bank’s role in empowering customers, businesses, employees and communities in their financial conduct leading them to make the informed decisions, live better, grow and evolve.


At the core of the brand language stands the brand logo, the diamond-which is the bank’s main brand asset. We wanted to give the logo a more modern look, so we simplified it and made it symmetrical. The graphic design language is based on various compilations of the diamond, reflecting the various meetings with customers and expressing the bank’s personalized support of each and every customer, at all stages of life.


We developed a unique and friendly font for the bank which conveys simplicity, professionalism and relevancy, in addition to accessibility and proactiveness, to show the bank’s philosophy of always putting the customer first.