In the course of an 18-month long process that involved city residents and public officials, a unique brand language was created for Herzliya in order to empower residential pride, to differentiate the city and make it attractive to young couples, commercial companies and local and international tourism. The drive for excellence and the city’s huge investment in education, culture and art, together with the recognition that the city serves as a platform for self-realization on a personal and business level, formed the basis for the brand concept and for positioning Herzliya as a city of fulfillment.

The graphic language reflects the concept of fulfillment through a symbol that has become synonymous with the city – the star, which both calls to mind Herzl’s vision of seven stars, and is a symbol of desire.

logo hertzelia

The symbol that was designed for Herzliya embodies the concept of the Star of Possibilities – a colorful, five-point star that moves freely on its axis and symbolizes the range of possibilities for development and fulfillment.

herzelia tat logos