In recent years, Israel's leading communications company, Bezeq, has brought to its customers more and more innovative products and Internet-based services. Ahead of the launch of a new line of products that life easier and more enjoyable (smart home, smart city, etc.), it was decided to revamp the old brand - a brand that had in the past been associated only with telephony, but had evolved in recent years to become associated with innovation in Internet infrastructure. The new brand concept tells the Israeli public about the new Bezeq - diverse, creative and innovative - while maintaining the connection to ‘our home’ – a concept with which Bezeq has always been identified.

After years of Bezeq being identified with the colors blue and white, we decided to create a color coding system for the company’s broad array of services, allocating a specific color to each service and its associated applications. The icons of all the services stem from two points on the main logo, representing the connection between people, in all the various content areas.

Out of respect for the history of the Bezeq brand, and the understanding that the letter B is a brand asset that has been in the Israeli consciousness, almost everywhere they look, for 17 years, we took a creative decision to use it as the primary element of the media language. The B shape forms a strong basis for images and changing content, thereby connecting the broad world of emotions to the brand.

bezeq gif