we are open

At OPEN we never know what challenge we will be faced with, and because there is no single way to approach a challenge, we try to keep an open mind. What we do know is that every relationship begins with a meeting, and every meeting ignites a new understanding. We invite you to meet us, and gain a better understanding of who you are and who you would like to be. We love a challenge. We love people. Our door is always open.

This is who we are. Want to join?

  • Roman Gulman

  • Eyal Katz


    Eyal has two decades of experience in development and consulting for local and international brands. Managing a company engaged in creativity, Eyal's approach focuses on people, with the understanding that allowing his team to do what they love best is the fastest way to success. A proud father to his son, Yuli, in his free time, Eyal can be found sailing, deep sea diving, snowboarding or enjoying the quiet of the desert.

  • Hila Ozer

    VP Strategy

    Hila is our VP Digital Marketing & Innovation, with 15 years in the profession including, in recent years, leading the branding and advertising processes of local and international clients of the company. Hila believes that brands should be based on genuine human insight and speak to people on their level. Apart from her rich work in the field, Hila is a person driven by emotion and imagination, and a big fan of Japanese animation, film and art.

  • Saar Friedman

    Chief Creative Director

    Chief creative director and owner of OPEN, Saar has nearly two decades of experience in building local and international brands. Apart from his great love of design, football and branding, Saar is also an amateur runner, participating regularly in marathons, and the proud father of four: Rio, Guri, Raily and Dori.

  • Halit Gordon

    VP Digital Marketing & Innovation

    Digital director and toy collector Halit has a decade of experience in digital advertising and marketing, gained at the leading advertising agencies in Israel. Halit lives and breathes the world of technology and is an inexhaustible source of knowledge and information in the field. On a personal level, Halit is a big fan of art, and surprisingly (or not), is one of the legendary spinning teachers of Tel Aviv, who hasn’t stopped training to this day.

  • Hadar Beer

    Senior Brand Designer
  • Ayelet Kaplan


    Account Manager
  • Ifat Grinbaum

    Brand Designer
  • Nofar Halperin

    Head Of Accounts Department
  • Siman Tov Niago

    Studio Manager and Traffic
  • Adar Glusman

    Senior Account Manager
  • Dekel Brodsly

  • Ben Alhadaff

  • Lidor Levi

  • Shahar Bronhaim

    Account Manager
  • Lilach Elbaum

    Graphic Designer
  • Max Gorov

  • Shai Kupiec

  • Yulia Zak

    Graphic Designer
  • Liat Zack gali

  • Shir Zehavi

    Account Manager
  • Danna Eviatar

    Creative Manager
  • Moshe Saikevich

    Creative Manager
  • Efi Notman

  • Elina Nikolin

    Graphic Designer
  • Danna Barak

  • Lisa Michaeli

    Content Writer And International Relations
  • Lipaz Danino

    Account Manager
  • Snir Astmker

    Social Media And Content Manager
  • Michael Melnick

    Design Thinking

    A design and strategy consultant and a member of OPEN since the beginning, over the years Mickey has specialized in overseas advertising companies, as art director and creative director. Mickey brings a multidisciplinary approach that connects an understanding of human behavior to the principles of Design Thinking, which puts people in the center and holds the design process as the key to innovation. In his life outside of work, Mickey is a founding partner of an innovative quality chocolate company called The Good Chocolate. It’s worth having a taste :)

  • Moran Kastiel

  • Cathrine Yun

    Account Manager
  • Anna Schehl

    Graphic Designer
  • Dvorit Kurz

    Office Manager
  • Nimrod Salomon

    Graphic Designer
  • Tal Kushnir

    Graphic Designer
  • Daniel Koren

    Graphic Designer
  • Tamar Dan

  • Ella Linetsky

  • Zohar Morag

    Graphic Designer
  • Sapir Cohen

    Art Director
  • Benjamin Fried

  • Shlomi

    Sandwiches Man