For years, Belgian cookie brand Lotus has had image problems in the Israeli market. Brand awareness was low, and those who did recognize it, saw it as a premium product and associated it with coffee shops and restaurants - not something to be enjoyed at home. With this in mind, the primary task was to create awareness of the brand and to make it accessible to the consumer market, without harming the brand’s image as a quality, international product.

Based on the brand’s international concept, which links Lotus cookies with coffee, we created a local sponsorship campaign in which the cookies were introduced into private homes. A series of amusing situations were created illustrating that coffee simply ‘couldn’t be‘ without Lotus. The campaign and brand activity were successful in significantly raising awareness, and contributed to a double-digits rise in sales.

יצאנו בקמפיין חסויות ששומר על העקרונות המרכזיים של הקמפיין הבינלאומי (ספלי קפה שלא יכולים בלי עוגיות לוטוס), אך עם אדפטציה חכמה שתואמת את מטרת הקמפיין – הכנסת עוגיות הלוטוס לסביבה הביתית – באמצעות שימוש בתפאורה ביתית ובספלי קפה ביתיים.