Kaltura is one of the leading video technology companies in the world. Its competitive advantage lies in the modular technology it has developed, which enables it to offer a wide range of video solutions for a variety of customers and applications. Reflecting this diversity, it was decided to position the company under the promise EVERYTHING VIDEO and a comprehensive brand language was developed to correspond with the company’s various verticals.

The fact that it is impossible to refer to video using static tools served as a central guiding principle for the brand development. A dynamic logo system was therefore created to highlight the modularity, flexibility and versatility of the company and the solutions it provides.

We developed a system of moving/ dynamic icons that reflect the diversity of the company's verticals.

The photographic language focuses on the positive interaction people have with video (in its various platforms and tools) and incorporates graphic elements from the new logo. This way, a shift was created in the company’s marketing communications, from one that is entirely focused on the technology to one that is focused on the unique user experience that the company's products provide.