The Ehad Ha’Am project is located at Ehad Ha’Am Street in the Hadar HaCarmel neighborhood of Haifa. The complex includes a residential tower, studios, a villa for conservation and a square, which together create a true urban experience for residents and businesses. The project tells the story of the urban awakening of downtown Haifa and the Hadar HaCarmel district, which have been transformed from forgotten neighborhoods to lively, urban style streets that are attracting a young, creative population.

The name of the project – Ehad Ha’Am – was chosen not only for the street in which it is located, but also to connect the project to the image of the bustling, urban street in Tel Aviv which carries the same name.

new logo gif ehad haam

As part of the ‘Haifa returns to the center’ brand concept, the brand language developed is unique to the local real estate market – casual, fresh and happy, aimed at the young population intended to live in the project. The retro-style language used represents the revival and awakening of the neighborhood.

brochure ehad haam