Ezer Mizion

Israel’s largest voluntary association in the field of medical support, Ezer Mizion provides medical assistance and support to patients and their families, through 14 departments in 58 centers located in 31 cities nationwide. The rebranding process came about due to a lack of differentiation and public awareness about the range of services being offered by the organization. It required a clear definition of the brand identity, while creating order in the array of services provided by the brand.

To support patients and their families, the decision was made to adopt an empowering, optimistic approach for the brand, that emphasizes the assistance provided by Ezer Mizion in the form of solutions that are delivered with a smile, care and much hope. Based on this, the slogan Choosing Life was selected as a brand promise, to emphasize the sanctity of life and the total commitment of all involved to saving lives.

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The new brand language breathes new life into the organization’s Magen David Adom symbol, and incorporates elements from Jewish tradition in a contemporary, modern visual language that reflects the organization’s progress and consummate professionalism. Branding tools and methods were also created to bring order to the services sitting under the overall brand.