Neve Tzedek Florentin

A unique residential project in center of Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek Florentin includes 230 small apartments that are relatively accessible and comfortable compared to most projects in the city. The story of the project focuses on the special connection between two different neighborhoods, each of which is a unique symbol of Tel Aviv in its own right, despite the obvious differences between them: picturesque, classic Neve Tzedek, symbolizing classic history, culture and art versus the vibrant Florentin neighborhood, buzzing with night life and contemporary culture, art and recreation.

The name of the project - Neve Tzedek Florentin - and the brand concept emphasize the differences between the neighborhoods, making the project unique in the competitive landscape of urban projects, while emphasizing the attractive location to young communities in Tel Aviv.

neve tzedek logo1

Under the brand promise: A love story between Neve Tzedek and Florentin, a unique brand language was developed for the real estate scene in Tel Aviv – a language that connects the different experiences that the city offers and the young, diverse community that lives there.

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